Hello! I'm

Clare Cui


to consistently hit $10K, $20K, or $30K months as an online coach?

Hello! I'm

Clare Cui


to consistently hit $10K, $20K, or $30K months as an online coach?

I help 6 figure coaches consistently close more sales & handle objections without convincing.


  • What if... you could feel energized for sales calls, instead of secretly wishing they would cancel?

  • What if… your potential clients said YES without convincing, performing, or being someone you’re not? (without letting them off the hook!) 

  • What if… you were consistently getting clients you LOVED because you were confident that you wer saying the right thing?

  • What if… you could hit your sales goals without a ton of effort so you could consistently hit multiple 6-figures every single month?

...without running around doing one-off sessions, jumping on the next marketing trend, or sacrificing your time or integrity?



I founded The Sales Accelerator. I know how it feels to be on sales call after call - feeling so completely confused about what wasn’t working with my strategy, energy, or leadership


I knew I was an expert in my field, and my clients were getting AMAZING results (plus they loved me and the program) … but unless I figured out how to sell without convincing or pushing, I would never reach my money goals in a way that felt good…


So I made it my mission to master EVERYTHING sales, including training other multiple multi-million dollar teams in the coaching industry using repetition after repetition to hone my skills...


As I built my sales muscles and grew my skills, I stepped more and more into leadership to train, teach, and lead sales teams to close over 7-million dollars in the coaching industry.


After leading different teams and learning different sales strategies, I found that the system to close more sales with authenticity, leadership, and love was simple.


That is how the The Sales Accelerator was born!

How It Works 

I make learning how to master sales with authenticity and not being pushy EASY. In programs like The Sales Accelerator, here are the pillars I teach my clients so they DOUBLE their rates, while having less conversations, while doing less marketing: 

    6-Figure Psychology

    of Sales

    Understand WHY people buy, and the right sales mindset to get more sales and increase your closing rate through situational scenarios and repetition.




      Navigating Objections Roadmap

      Deep dive into how to easily handle objections like, “ I can’t afford it”, “I have to think about it”, “I have to talk to my spouse”, and “It’s not a good time” with a clear roadmap of how to move someone through their objections so they want to invest with you on the spot!

        Sales Role


        Get individualized hands on support to practice what is (and what isn’t) working in your sales conversation to workout the kinks to predictably make your $10K, $20K, $30K sales goals every month.



        Client Results

        I am a functional nutritionist and just completed the Signature Sales Intensive with Clare and boy, was that a fun ride! I used to dread sales calls and always felt uncomfortable during them and after this course, everything changed! I noticed my close rate increase during the course because I felt more confident, so much so that I even increased my rates! Clare works with you through every step of this program and she really coaches you, She's a leader and works with groups but makes it personal, and that's something that's really valuable and really special.


        Functional Nutritionist

        Before  I met Clare, I was very uncomfortable selling on the phone; I didn't want to say my price over the phone or hear their objections and then have to deal with ours. Working with Clare helped me realize that I needed to have these conversations to show up as a leader and turn that opportunity into a coaching and leadership moment. If you're sick of having pushy sales calls or can't bring yourself to sell on the phone, talk to Clare!




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